Switch Payroll

Making payroll approachable

Switch Payroll

When Switch approached us, they had an idea and a name. Having just formed their own payroll company, Switch wanted to launch themselves as an approachable and accessible business with a user-friendly system. They were a company that was personal, easy to navigate and simple to sign up to. They required us to develop an entire brand identity and narrative to establish them well in the marketplace.

Switch’s mantra is ‘payroll shouldn’t be complicated.’ This has influenced the way their business works and how their forms and systems are used. We applied this idea to everything we did for the brand, from the logo and identity to their narrative. To communicate their friendly and helpful approach, we created a logo that immediately conveyed a youthful, fresh payroll company

Then we designed a bright, bold brand identity with solid block colours to complement the logo. This clean and simple design was strong but subtle, making the text sing.

To match their values of ‘simplicity’ and ‘friendliness’ we developed a tone of voice and messaging that was consistent with their brand. It is personable – speaking directly to the customer in short, sharp sentences that are easy to understand.

Web platform

This carried through with their website which was designed to be simple to navigate. We created a bold layout so contractors, employers and recruitment could find what they needed immediately. The big, clear call to action buttons make it easy for users to know where to go. The result is a brand that stands out.

The client was very pleased with their new brand identity. They felt it aligned well with their ideas and values and they were happy to take it to market with confidence.