Sweet 16

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CSO Rebrand


Project completed in 2014

As a creative agency, we believe the arts are extremely important to the fabric of our society. We’re keen to support all aspects of the arts whenever we can. So when the Canberra Symphony Orchestra approached us to elevate their brand’s status, we took to the challenge with passion.

Our task was to create a new logo that matched their level of sophistication. This sent us into creative exploration, playing with different textures and materials. We knew we were onto something when we picked up brass wire. The shape and metallic colour reflected their style and elegance.

We collaborated with a local 3D artist to create a version of the brand mark with life and dimension. The clients were thrilled with the outcome. They said the logo was a true representation of who they are and captured the essence of what they stood for. To quote the client...”we can’t stop looking at it!” 

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Molonglo Group 221 London


Project completed in 2011

This was an award winning project with a highly respected client. Molonglo Group approached us to create collateral for their latest project — the revitalisation of ACTEW House. It gave us the chance be part of the transformation of an old landmark in the heart of the city.

We love being involved in these projects, where we can communicate a future vision for a part of Canberra’s history. As part of the building repositioning, the structure was refurbished and retrofitted to reduce its environmental footprint by 50-60%.

The message of transformation allowed us to undertake a different approach with this project — with fantastic results. We used the theme of ‘Classic Modernity’ to reflect their vision from past to future. As something extra, we also created a photobook of people reflected into the city to represent the building’s prominence.

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CBC Rebrand

Partnership 10 years+

Project completed in 2014

Having worked closely with Canberra businesses since our inception, we’re proud we had the opportunity to continue our long-standing partnership with the Canberra Business Council (CBC) when they were ready to evolve their offering for a new era.

We are passionate about supporting business in Canberra and this was our chance to bring life and personality to an important Canberra voice. The brand mark was designed to represent the unity, networks and opportunity that the CBC offers to the business community.

We used a bold colour scheme, uncomplicated design and a succinct tone-of-voice to position them as a modern, innovative and inspiring peak body. The brand was immediately embraced and provided CBC with the confidence to be the voice of Canberra Business into the future. 

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Canberra Eye Laser Brand

Partnership 5 years+

Project completed in 2012

Trust is key when talking about laser eye surgery. We took this to heart when we were asked to build a brand and identity that could compete on a national stage.

This project allowed us to create a new vision for a long term client, demonstrating their experience and expertise while moving their offering into the cosmetic market of elective surgery. Because we were selling a ‘vision’ and a ‘lifestyle choice’, the visual identity demanded the creation of a brand that was aspirational and visually spectacular. The outcome was a look that was completely unique in the market and created the vehicle for the client to tell their story while respecting the conventions of the medical space.

A positive, trustworthy and engaging stand out brand, it’s a great blend of precision and fun that has stood the test of time. 

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Denman Prospect Placemaking


Project completed in 2015

Setting the tone for a new location is a powerful thing. It makes a long-term impact on how people live, how they interact and how they feel about a place. Placemaking
is an important concept, and being able to contribute through developing its brand
is immensely rewarding.

Capital Estate Developments wanted to pitch Denman Prospect as something completely different for Canberra. A prestigious ‘future focused’ suburb located on the rise of the Molonglo Valley with spectacular views and amazing amenities. This was a chance to develop a visual identity for a suburb that was changing the shape of Canberra, forever. Emphasising the D in Denman Prospect allowed us to create a window to highlight the lifestyle, culture and beautiful surrounds, culminating in a striking visual identity based on the real natural setting of this future-focused development. 

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Brumbies Membership Campaign

Project completed

in 2010

We had the privilege to partner with the ACT Brumbies — one of Canberra’s most influential sporting teams. This opportunity required us to create a message that would resonate with supporters, sponsors and the Canberra community at large. The call to ‘Stand as One’ was created to build that idea of a connection born from a love of the game.

Along with the creative message, a strong visual identity to underpin the essence of the campaign was developed, with players and members shown together across important collateral items.

Key to the visual identity was the illustrative approach applied to the photography, adding an element of dynamism and power.

As well as being awarded the 2010 ACT Australian Marketing Institute Award for Marketing Excellence, the ‘Stand As One’ campaign resonated with the audience.

Canberrans ‘stood as one’ — increasing membership by 7.6% and increasing online applications by 30%.

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CGGS Repositioning

Partnership 14 years+

Project completed in 2011

‘Be yourself!’ If only we could all hear that more often. It was a pleasure to help rebrand a Canberra institution for the next generation. Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) wanted to change the public’s perception and show their vibrant, empowering approach to education.

This was a 24-month project that allowed us to get stuck into the nitty gritty of what makes this school tick. A thorough understanding of the 90 years of history, values and philosophy that underpin the school, contributed to how we helped them communicate their true culture.

A photo shoot, website, prospectus and key message development combined to form a beautiful contemporary visual identity to suit their modern outlook. It was an instant hit across the entire school and greater community, who embraced it with open arms and made it their own. 

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16 years of Identity

Identities completed between


What's in a name? What’s in a logo? It could be the difference between success and failure. Our clients’ trust is something we have always tried to hold in the highest regard over our 16 years in business. We approach our work with a mix of excitement and fear, like jumping on a roller coaster!

The fear comes from knowing every business we work with is entrusting part of their success to us. The excitement comes from the way we treat each project as if it was our own. We strive to reach our clients’ goals and objectives as if it were our business.

This approach pushes us to succeed and give each project all our energy.

Below are just some of the businesses, organisations and projects we have seen grow and succeed over the years. 

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TEDxCanberra Brand & DataVis

Partnership 3 years

Project completed in 2014

With a name like ‘Uncharted’ and an event like TEDxCanberra, we knew we had to create something excellent. We wanted to create a unique experience to blow the attendees away. So... we let our imaginations run wild. Here is what we did: When each attendee registered for the TEDxCanberra event, their data was recorded into a database. We then used that data to procedurally generate individual attendee graphics using a special algorithm. This unique visual profile comprised of four circles. The colour and size of each circle was determined by the data they entered. This meant each attendee had a unique identifier made up of the same elements.

The graphics were then used in a real-time data visualisation that allowed attendees to record their thoughts and opinions throughout the day. This data was then graphically represented as a real-time interactive constellation linking all attendees and their thoughts throughout the day.

Our goal was to chart the uncharted. 

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Brickworks Sales Campaign

Partnership with LDA 7 years+

Project completed in 2016

Canberra is a relatively young city, so to see the restoration of a relic from our past is an exciting venture. To be given the opportunity to design the branding and prospectus for the place that literally built Canberra, was a true honour. The Brickworks forged the bricks for some of Canberra’s most iconic

buildings such as Old Parliament House and the Hyatt Hotel. It’s the reason our oldest suburbs are lined with beautiful red brick homes. Our brief from the Land Development Agency (LDA), was to spark the imaginations of the local community and invite local, national and international developers to see new possibilities for a unique and historic public space.

A striking brand mark inspired by the original brick stamp adorned all collateral and a very special prospectus was designed to highlight the opportunity in a way that respected the historical significance of the site. 

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Aspen Medical Brand Refresh


Project completed in 2013

It’s great to know that our work can play a role in our clients’ success. We love seeing Canberra organisations prospering on an international stage. That is why when Aspen Medical approached us to elevate their brand for global appeal, it was a welcome challenge.

Refining a brand for an international space requires developing a carefully crafted look and feel that is simple enough to translate across culture and language.

Simplifying the brand and utilising strong photography allowed us to get to the heart of the Aspen brand — wherever we’re needed.

This simple bold approach made a big impact in the perception of the brand and also made a statement of confidence.

We rolled out the new brand across digital platforms and range of collateral to ensure the refreshed look was consistent. 

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eGov Digital Canberra Challenge

Project completed

in 2013

This project was a chance for us to have a lot of fun with a unique concept and visual identity. The push to innovate in Government lead to the creation of the ‘Digital Canberra Challenge’, where challenges submitted by public servants were put out to the innovation community.

NICTA’s eGovernment Cluster was charged with delivering this competition. The first step was creating a brand that looked the part and conveyed creativity and innovation while appealing equally to government and innovators. We created a bright, modern and engaging visual language as well as a suite of icons to give each individual challenge life. The result was a quirky, bright brand that could evolve with the program. We became fully immersed in the program evolution and successfully partnered with the DCC until its success was transformed into an on-going ACT Government program. 

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Defence Reserves Brand


Project completed in 2003

This was one of CRE8IVE’s first large scale government brand projects. In need of a distinct and comprehensive visual identity the Defence Reserves came to us to develop a brand that represented Army, Navy and Air force reservists equally.

The project involved the development of a new visual identity and style guide for the Defence Reserves. A host of communication material was developed and key to the identity was a four day photoshoot on location. Here is what our client said at the time:

The Department of Defence is thrilled with the new look and feel of the Defence Reserves brand. CRE8IVE has done a phenomenal job. Not only did they meet the deadline, but the work they produced was first class.”
Phil Mayne (former) Communications Manager, Reserve Policy, Defence. 

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Skills Track Name & Brand


Project completed in 2011

It’s always exciting when we can work on a brand that’s playful and vibrant. Especially when something different is offered to the Canberra community.

The Playground at Stromlo Forest Park is a trail park that offers mountain bike riders obstacles to practice and hone their skills.

We were asked to help name the park, create a playful look and feel, and develop useful instruction guides and signs to help riders tackle each of the twelve obstacles safely. The design had to be simple enough to apply across a variety of mediums and signs, including wood and metal, but lively enough to grab the attention of mountain bikers. We love the chance to have fun when we work which is why this project captured our attention.

The simple idea and timeless approach still resonates today. 

yellow sweet

CIT Strategic Compass


Project completed in 2016

There are so many advantages to living in Canberra. One is definitely the calibre of our education and training sector. We were thrilled when CIT approached us to create a strategic document to communicate their future direction. The challenge was to reflect their brand while appealing equally to staff, students, business and government alike.

We relished in this challenge as it gave us the opportunity to create something striking and inspiring. We used the brand idea ‘evolving together’ to convey CIT’s ambition to bring stakeholders together and embrace progress positively.

We provided guidance on content structure and key messages as well as incorporating the vibrant CIT brand with the corporate structure necessary in the business world.

The CIT board were very happy with the final document and more so, the result — extra funding from the ACT Government! 

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Icon Water Rebrand


Project completed in 2014

The renaming and rebranding of one of Canberra’s most prominent utilities was always going to be challenging. ACTEW Water needed a new name and identity due to the constant confusion with the gas and electricity company — ActewAGL.

Delving deep into the organisation through focus groups and internal consultations allowed us to gain valuable insights and understand their brand essence. We discovered a proud workforce contributing to building, guarding and sustaining Canberra’s water supply, ultimately allowing us to flourish.

This story is what underpinned the name and brand identity. The new name – Icon Water – helped celebrate their achievements and the enormous role Icon Water plays in our community. Their new identity gave them the ability to highlight the important role they play, for generations. 


It’s a time to acknowledge where we are, how far we’ve
come and all the people who have helped us along the way.

We’re proud of our contribution to the fabric of Canberra.

We’ve watched our city prosper and it’s our pleasure
to have helped so many businesses achieve great
outcomes over the years.