Creative - Team

Creative - Team

Bassem Mekhael

Executive Creative Director

Bassem has a world of experience working with international brands in top ranking agencies across the globe. From strong foundations as a graphic designer in 2000, Bassem’s flair for non-traditional media and sharp strategic vision saw him rise quickly into a Creative Director role. From there, he has worked at several world-class agencies such as JWT, BBDO, TBWA and DDB, creating compelling ads for an international audience. He has many international awards under his belt including Lynx Dubai, EPiCA and Effies.

Bassem loves building brands through strategy by getting to the heart of a client’s business and finding a strong communication solution that will resonate with their target audience. His vision and collaborative spirit allow Bassem to inspire the team to strive courageously for creative outcomes that meet the mark, every time. 

Paul Whiteley

Creative Director


Paul has a reputation as an impeccable designer and insightful thought leader. Since 2006, he has inspired CRE8IVE’s clients, bringing an understanding and attention to detail to all his work. As creative director, Paul guides the creative to new and thought-provoking places that surpass client expectations.

His talent for asking the right questions helps Paul to ascertain a client’s needs and discover how they tick. This gives Paul the means to articulate their business to the market and deliver the best solutions.

Paul’s creative insights allow clients to imagine the breadth and potential of their brand, providing scope for clever and interesting ways to reach an audience that goes beyond the brief.


Paul has flair for branding where he can to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign or brand that his clients can adopt with confidence. 

Laura Sibley



 Laura is a meticulous designer who approaches every project through a balance of communications and creativity. This is how she creates solutions that captivate the client’s target market.

The best designs are developed with meaningful insights, so Laura works to discover a unique solution through strategy, research and exploration.

By closely follows trending campaigns in advertising and communications, Laura ensures she is up to date on the Zeitgeist. This allows her to make appropriate decisions for brands that sit within category but stand out with strength. Laura likes to collaborate and to take her clients on a journey, empowering them to take ownership of their messaging and their brand.

As a younger member of the team, Laura epitomises what CRE8IVE is today when you couple young talent with industry experts who have years of sector-based expertise.


A prolific creative, Laura is fascinated with design application within a range of mediums such as textiles, graphic forms and book covers. 



Elsy Gonzalez



As a friendly and attentive designer, Elsy enjoys building authentic relationships with her clients. She has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Canberra. From her background working in communications at UNSW, she honed her skills by designing for a variety of collateral and printing it in-house. This experience gave her a practical understanding of the intricacies of design and printing in different formats and materials.

By combining her love of talking to clients with research and strategy, Elsy takes an original yet pragmatic approach to creative problem-solving. She is an active listener and takes the time to understand each and every client’s needs, for design outcomes that captivate audiences and fulfil an organisational need.


Elsy has extensive experience with in-house production. She also enjoys drawing and typography.