Digital - Team

Digital - Team

Andrew Mackay

Digital Director

Andrew is a versatile professional and brings over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing program management, project management, and managing teams to CRE8IVE. As our Digital Director, Andrew continues his passion for bringing teams together to deliver solutions that exceed the desired results for organisations and their audiences.

Having worked across both public and private sectors, leading a range of multi-disciplinary teams, Andrew has developed and implemented digital strategies to drive improved user experience and engagement. With a traditional marketing background, Andrew has a strong history in brand and communication which further strengthens his ability to understand and engage stakeholders. For this reason and based on his years of experience in digital delivery, he excels in working in complex environments to distil the information necessary to drive successful programs of work.


Vishal Sahody

Lead developer

Vishal is a dedicated and experienced developer with a passion for solving business problems and improving user experience. With more than fifteen years’ working in the web and digital industry, he has seen the transformation of digital technology as it has integrated with business. The insights he has gained gives Vishal a deep and wholistic view of development from end to end. He has worked in a breadth of roles including Ecommerce, CMS, bespoke web design and solution delivery.

Vishal stays on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies and digital trends to assess their potential and their impact on end users. He strives to provide solutions that are win-win, with products that create efficiencies for clients and a great experience for users.


Andrew Collins

Developer and Client Technical Lead


Making the front end of a website look great, feel fast and seem intuitive is Andrew’s mission. He is always seeking better ways to make the user experience feel like a dream. While Andrew has exceptional technical knowledge, he is equally good at explaining complex digital issues in simple terms. He enjoys helping people understand problems and how CRE8IVE will fix them. By striving to make websites as easy to edit as possible, Andrew ensures clients feel confident to take ownership of their digital communication, knowing they’re in safe hands.

As Client Technical Lead, Andrew is the first port of call for digital support, helping clients with their websites. As a talented web developer with a degree in Media Arts and Production, he is excellent at technical problem solving and creative ideas.


Andrew is always challenging himself to stay on the pulse for new and interesting technology. He has focussed on Flexbox and advanced customer fields in WordPress that make it easier for clients to customise.