Digital - Team

Digital - Team

Damien Wright

Digital Director


As a Digital Director, Damien is committed to creating excellent digital solutions that are effective, and easy for the user. With a strong background in digital and web development, he translates complex tech to his clients to empower them to make informed decisions about digital communications.

With experience in marketing and communications, real estate and government, Damien honed his experience in technology and in project management. 

At CRE8IVE, Damien brings authenticity and empathy, building relationships to understand his clients and their customer needs. He is a passionate advocate for using new technology, user experience, intuitive digital applications and automating processes to achieve improved business outcomes.

Damien’s strong focus on usability testing ensures the technology and design choices for each project are validated. This is how he feels CRE8IVE is capable of constantly outperforming themselves. 


Damien sits on the board of directors for the Canberra Blind Society and is passionate about helping the organisation to develop a greater branding presence. 



Andrew Collins

Developer and Client Technical Lead


Making the front end of a website look great, feel fast and seem intuitive is Andrew’s mission. He is always seeking better ways to make the user experience feel like a dream. While Andrew has exceptional technical knowledge, he is equally good at explaining complex digital issues in simple terms. He enjoys helping people understand problems and how CRE8IVE will fix them. By striving to make websites as easy to edit as possible, Andrew ensures clients feel confident to take ownership of their digital communication, knowing they’re in safe hands.

As Client Technical Lead, Andrew is the first port of call for digital support, helping clients with their websites. As a talented web developer with a degree in Media Arts and Production, he is excellent at technical problem solving and creative ideas.


Andrew is always challenging himself to stay on the pulse for new and interesting technology. He has focussed on Flexbox and advanced customer fields in WordPress that make it easier for clients to customise. 

Bevan Sharp

Web Developer


As an award-winning web designer Bevan works with the team to bring outstanding user experiences to his client’s digital assets. He enjoys the challenge of merging clever and elegant designs with effective technology to make seamless websites that are easy to use.

With a background in web development for government, Bevan honed his expertise in accessibility. He applies the same principles to his work at CRE8IVE to ensure people with a disability are considered. This enables clients to have a wider and more inclusive audience reach.

Among his other achievements, Bevan has been the recipient of awards such as the Page Award for the Digital Canberra Challenge website he helped develop with the CRE8IVE team. 


Bevan enjoys the ability to bring design to life while working on a variety of digital platforms including technical CMS, WordPress and Drupal.