Australian Cyber Security Centre

Hitting the mark with ACSC

Australian Cyber Security Centre

After a successful rebranding collaboration with the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), CRE8IVE was approached to rebrand the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). ACSC will now be housed within the ASD, incorporating a range of cyber agencies into one centre.

The ACSC scope and responsibilities extended to include all Australians, expanding the ASD’s cyber security remit to service ALL Australians including individuals, small and medium enterprises, large business, systems of national interest, critical infrastructure and government.

The new brand had to feel related to ASD’s corporate identity, with a more accessible and wider appeal for audiences with limited cyber security knowledge. The brand also had to reflect their position as an authoritative, contemporary agency in the IT Sector. The challenge was to do this within a tight timeframe.

ACSC communication themes

Strategic communications

To create the new brand, we approached the design process with a communications strategy angle. We considered their wide scope of audiences and what they would need to receive their message clearly, then we produced a visual identity to reflect this. We created a new logo that lined up with the ASD brand while retaining a friendly and accessible appearance.

ACSC visual language

Visual language

The ASD had a complex and unique visual language using a range of shapes and patterns. As ACSC essentially distils complex digital information and translates it for the general public. We used this metaphor and created a visual language that worked in the same way to convey the brands meaning.

Icon styles

Coherent documentation

CRE8IVE developed a comprehensive style guide that made it extremely simple to follow. Any agency could pick it up and replicate the work exactly as was intended.

Corporate stationary
Business cards
Document templates
Powerpoint templates