ACT Government Awareness Campaign

Changing Behaviour

ACT Government Awareness Campaign

The ACT Government Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate approached CRE8IVE to help develop an education and behavioral change campaign aimed at improving the quality of ACT water.

CRE8IVE was engaged to shine a spotlight on the importance of protecting our stormwater drains by educating the community and highlighting the fact that, the quality of water in our region’s lakes and rivers, is dependent on keeping our drains free from rubbish, matter and waste.

Our approach allowed us to understand the audience and be able to strategically engage with the market; effectively communicating the campaign message, and create cut-through with clever creative and targeted media.

H2OK Brandmark

Project Brand

Communicating a complex environmental message was done through a clever play on words. H2OK was a way for the directorate to talk about the whole initiative, not just the stormwater campaign. This framework allowed us to create a visual identity and campaign tone that was authoritative, happy and informative to ensure the key messages appealed to a broad audience.

Campaign identity

Awareness was driven through interesting visuals, fun-puns and rhymes, matching the graphics of cute animal silhouettes surrounded by rubbish. We aimed to educate by creating an emotional hook, drawing the connection between the drains and their impact on the environment.

Awareness + Education = Behaviour Change


Behavioural change was the ultimate goal of the H2OK initiative. A simple strategy for engagement was devised combining awareness and education.

Launch event

Integrated marketing

Our wholistic approach included project branding, campaign visuals, key message development, strategic marketing campaign, tactical media buying and placement, on-going creative copy development and PR.

Magazine advertisements for key audience segments

Key audience segments

Separate targeted messages were created for people in rural areas, city areas and people in building and maintenance fields.

Digital advertisements

Online advertising

CRE8IVE developed a marketing strategy that included, print, digital and radio advertising, PR activity, and social media, and community engagement strategies.

Campaign collateral, Banners, social media advertising, informational flyers


The Stormwater Education Campaign will be run for two years with an aim to create a legacy of lasting behavioural change. Feedback from the client has been positive with an increase in visitation to the ACT Government portal and at the time of launch; significant media and exposure being gained by the program.