Australian International Cyber Engagement Strategy

Creating influence in Cyber security

Australian International Cyber Engagement Strategy

As a new initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the International Cyber Engagement Strategy aims to position Australia as a nation of influence in Cyber Security.

DFAT approached CRE8IVE to design a striking visual identity, and produce a publication and website, so stakeholders would take notice.

The entire project was produced within a critical timeframe and ready for launch on-time and on-budget.

Publication covers

A distinct identity

We collaborated closely with DFAT to create a recognisable brand that conveyed the influential tone. The logo is loosely reminiscent of a computer chip, which communicates a strategy that is digital and future focussed. As technology is ever-changing, the brand is also flexible and can evolve over time.

Bespoke icons

Visual style

Eight bespoke icons were created for each of the themes. These represent complex ideas such as Digital Trade, while keeping the brand’s consistent visual theme.

Publication internals
Website and mobile responsive design

Digital publication

The content was translated to web in an engaging way with great attention to detail for both desktop and mobile devices. It is interactive and easy to navigate with a chapter menu and buttons that allow users to shift through the content quickly. Subtle animation was added to emphasise the content in a compelling way, so each paragraph fades in as the user scrolls.

Launch of Cyber security strategy


They strategy was launched by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Julie Bishop MP. The design and visual identity ensured the content was 'not just another report'. It gave the content the attention it needed. DFAT now have a brand that will continue to stand-out and grow with the Cyber Engagement Strategy as it evolves into the future.