National Maritime System

One system to navigate

National Maritime System

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the national agency responsible for promoting vessel safety and protection of our marine environment and combating ship-sourced pollution. AMSA provide the infrastructure for safety of navigation in Australian waters and maintain a national search and rescue service for the maritime and aviation sectors.

To support the implementation of the National Systems transition, CRE8IVE provided the creative solution and overarching awareness campaign. The campaign plays a vital role in raising awareness and informing domestic commercial vessel owners, operators and work crew of the changes in the way they will access services in the future.

National Maritime System logo

The brandmark

The brandmark depicts Australian waters as a contiguous whole surrounding Australia, depicted without state borders. This communicates the new approach to having a national system where all Australian waters are treated as the same in regards to the maritime system.

One system to navigate

One clear message

The campaign narrative communicates the benefits for the changes and the reasons behind them. Using the positioning of 'one' enables us to simply position the new system as one that improves the standards and experiences for all stakeholders.



Each of the collateral items feature clear, concise and relevant information. All communication pieces provide a call to action inviting people to use the services, ask questions and find out more.

Magazine ads

Visual language

Icons and illustrations are utilised in the brand to depict items and things related to people, vessels and industries that are a part of the National Maritime System.

Top down view of boat


Imagery used within the brand depicts people and vessels relevant to the National Maritime System. Care was taken to ensure the imagery used was relevant and people depicted were compliant with safety regulations.

Maritime related photos


The complexity of the icons and illustrations increase or decreases dependent on the final size at which they’re produced.


The illustrations enabled the brand to communicate to different stakeholders across various mediums, clearly and effectively.