Driving safety forward


The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has been testing the safety of cars in Australia since 1993. This has made the car industry lift their game, by driving innovation for safer cars. To remain the leading authority in car safety, they are changing their rating system in 2018 to account for recent advances in technology. ANCAP approached us to elevate their brand in the public eye so consumers would include their safety ratings as a major factor when purchasing a car.

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Brand awareness

While ANCAP are well known within the industry, many consumers don’t know who they are or what they do. To combat this, we refreshed their visual identity and developed a campaign and messaging to raise their visibility.


Campaign messaging

When consumers purchase their new car, it’s important they consider the ANCAP rating as one of their key priorities. The campaign we developed was based on the simple question, “What’s your ANCAP?” This raises ANCAP to the top of mind - considering safety and feeling confident to ask the question.

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Key message segmentation

Our messaging targeted several different groups to speak to them directly, from young women looking for confidence on the road, to older men looking for the forefront of technology.


Digital engagement

To help consumers access the ANCAP information easily, we developed an app that compares different car safety features and ratings. The app also features what to do in an accident, and a place to keep new car information and notes.

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Within a month of the launch, the app was downloaded over 2,000 times. The campaign has also gained international attention with other national road safety programs showing enthusiasm over the messaging and app.

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