Cyber Institute at ANU

Humanising cyber through leadership

Cyber Institute at ANU

As leading experts of cyber technologies, The Australian National University (ANU) recognised a growing need for leadership within the cyber realm to guide its rapid integration with society.

The Cyber Institute was established to provide a strong direction for cyber in Australia. The Institute is the first of its kind and combines research, teaching and world-class facilities to provide advice and expertise to government, industry and organisations.

The new entity required a brand and communication strategy to help them define their vision and direction. They approached CRE8IVE at their inception, seeking guidance to position their new institution and develop a voice and visual identity. This would allow them to reach key audiences, attract the world’s best and brightest, and raise the general public’s understanding of their role.

Make it human

In creating the brand, CRE8IVE conducted through market research and consulted closely with the client to identify the Institute’s essence. Their primary virtues centred around humanity and trust. To incorporate this in the logo, and emphasise the human element in this digital realm, a person-like symbol was strategically created in the C of 'Cyber' and T of 'Institute'.

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Visual expression

When creating the collateral for the Cyber Institute, CRE8IVE was sure to use photographs of people as well as abstract images of technology. In representing technology, we emphasised more organic shapes, avoiding hard edges and parallel lines to reinforce this natural and human nature of this cyber world.

Brand visuals
Brand communication
Arthur C. Clarke

Brand visuals

The use of key quotes from famous fiction authors occurred organically while working with the client, with reference often made to Iain Banks, Ursula La Guin and Arthur C. Clarke. All of whom were known for delving into future worlds, alternative political structures, the rise, fall and evolution of cultures and the role of technology in power.

Using digital symbols to visually represented the author of the quote further ties together the concept of people and technology.

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A solid foundation

CRE8IVE provided a brand book for the Cyber Institute to refer to when creating future collateral and content. This was designed to clearly communicate the tone of voice and visual elements of their brand, giving them the confidence to continue promoting their brand and identity.