The art of shaping a city

Art Group

From unique facades to thoughtful storytelling; for Art Group, it’s all in the details. Through distinctive branding and a strategic approach, we empowered a local, family-owned developer to increase sales in a challenging market.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
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    The challenge

    Art Group had been crafting beautiful homes in Canberra for decades. Their excellent local reputation meant they had little need for strategic marketing. As the property environment changed, Art Group needed to shift their brand and communications to continue to attract buyers.

    Art Group – Challenge 1
    Art Group – Challenge 2
    Art Group – Challenge 3
    The strategy

    We recognised the need for each development along Northbourne to have bespoke marketing strategies to reflect their unique selling points. We engaged with the designers and builders to tell the unique story of Mulberry, Kashmir, and Calypso.

    Art Group – Strategy 1
    Art Group – Strategy 2
    Art Group – Strategy 3
    The process

    Each marketing strategy outlined specific recommendations, and ongoing communications tactics to reach their target markets. Mulberry captured the excitement of city living, Kashmir focussed on the finishes and materials, while Calypso highlighted the exceptional features.

    Art Group – Process 1
    Art Group – Process 2
    Art Group – Process 3
    The change

    We created brand identities with positioning and visuals that would uniquely reflect the offerings of each development. We provided Art Group with strategies to launch each development, focused on the exceptional features, amenities, and lifestyles.

    Art Group – Change 1
    Art Group – Change 2
    Art Group – Change 3
    The impact

    Art Group has successfully launched each development to their respective target markets. The strategies have supported the successful sales of each development.

    Art Group – Impact 1
    Art Group – Impact 2
    Art Group – Impact 3