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Australian Signals Directorate

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) required a new brand to communicate their recent shift away from Defence, to an independent statutory authority.

The new identity needed to communicate the strength and presence of intelligence, with flair and imagination, to a wide range of stakeholders. The challenge was to graphically convey this in a modern and compelling way that was own-able by the ASD.

CRE8IVE successfully developed a graphic framework that works on a grid based on simple circles, triangles and squares. It is distinctive, yet it offers flexibility for colour, imagery, scale and shapes. It provides a simple and repeatable way to represent all aspects of the intelligence landscape in a dynamic and consistent manner.

As Australia's oldest intelligence agency, it was important to underpin the identity by providing a nod to ASD’s history. This was achieved by using well known coded signals, such as the enigma cipher machine, bombe, morse code and semaphore, to create an own-able and unique coded alphabet that features heavily within the identity framework.

Signal coded typeface

ASD were very excited about the coded identity under-pining the visual identity. We worked with a team of cryptologists from ASD to create a sophisticated and applicable code, following the same design principles.

ASD coded typeface

The typeface created internal dialogue and engagement and was hugely successful in providing universal acceptance of an overarching brand, for an organisation that was traditionally diverse in its visual representation.

Visual Language

Using the coded typeface meant we were able to create a hidden narrative within the graphic framework. The typeface was delivered as a font so those wanting to create a pattern can take an acronym, word or phrase and type it into an interface to create the code pattern.

ASD Logo

Bold wordmark

The Australian Signals Directorate is known as ASD, so it was important that the wordmark featured the acronym boldly. The typeface treatment is representative of signals.

Pull up banners

Consistent application

The framework provides a visually arresting graphic language that can be applied easily and consistently.

Corporate stationary
ASD signage
Document templates

Document templates

By combining brand elements such as imagery, icons, colour and the custom typeface, the ASD brand is a diverse and strong brand that can be used across a range of communication material in print, online and as signage.

Powerpoint template
Style guide

Style guide

The brand has been embraced and successfully launched, with a comprehensive style guide providing the guidance and documentation for internal teams to see the identity flourish.