Australian War Memorial

A story of living history

Australian War Memorial

Following the announcement of a 10-year renovation plan, the Australian War Memorial was looking for a way to refocus the nation's understanding of its purpose and the need for expansion.

The positioning line, 'Our Continuing Story' was developed to provide the strategic direction for all verbal and visual communication.

Our content and narrative spoke from the heart, reminding people of the Memorial's role in carrying the meaning of our stories and our living history from generation to generation.

Our Continuing Story logo

Brand alignment

The 'Our Continuing Story' lock-up was part of our solution to embedded a new vocabulary within the AWM story and to bring reflection to the forefront of peoples experience.

Images of the Australian War Memorial


CRE8IVE took inspiration from the iconic archway architecture that features throughout the Memorial. The stained-glass windows that line the Hall of Memory, which contains the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier reinforced the significance and relevance of using this visual cue in this campaign.

For all generations, of all Australians, a place to honour, to learn and to heal.


The primary brand expression for this project was the development of a manifesto; a passage that identifies the essence and reason for being of the building project. Working with our strategic partner David Faulks, the brand story was developed included their mission, vision and tone of voice; plus the visual context for the accompanying visual expression.

Photos of Australian service-members

Compelling portraits of today's servicemen and women was our vehicle to reiterate the Memorial's relevance for current and future generations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the launch
Information Centre at the Australian War Memorial

Framing the portraits in the shape of the iconic archways, pairing them with the core values of Australian service people and using the positioning statement of 'Our continuing story' is a powerful and effective way to tell the story of the Memorial's expansion.



Print, digital and signage items were all documented in the project brand guidelines outlining colours, fonts, logo usage, visual and verbal communication.

Australlian service-member with his daughter


CRE8IVE in collaboration with David Faulks, successfully created a body of work that was modern, optimistic, highlighted people's stories with an intergenerational appeal. The messaging and design shifted the focus away from buildings and construction to people and their lived experiences.

Photography credit:
Lightbulb Studio