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Services Guide for ACT Mental Health Carers website

Carers ACT

Carers ACT saw that while there is a range of services available to those experiencing mental illness and their carers in the ACT, it could be challenging to navigate the community mental health system. Looking to create a digital guide for local mental health carers, Carers ACT engaged CRE8IVE.

Working collaboratively with Carers ACT, we considered the user experience at depth, and came to the conclusion that people often don’t know what they are searching for. We identified various ways people could be searching for help and created a website that would connect people to the information they needed. The structured content enabled users to educate themselves at their pace through search, case studies and navigation.

CRE8IVE began by considering the primary goals of the website and the variety of audiences it needed to reach. The main goal of the site was to inform those experiencing mental illness (and their carers), of access to services to support recovery in the ACT.

The website used tags to give users the ability to navigate through different types of content and show how each service area was able to help support the subject.

A photo-shoot was conducted to create portraits for case studies and display that they are real people.

CRE8IVE also produced a pocket reference card for easy access to information and services.