Canberra Strong Together

Supporting resilience in our community

Canberra Strong Together

Every Canberran was directly affected by the sudden onset of COVID-19. In just days, routines were up-ended, anxiety was high, and the fear of getting or spreading the virus was palpable. Canberrans needed to hear they were not alone, that there was leadership, direction, and hope.

CRE8IVE was proud to be given the responsibility of crafting this message to reassure and galvanise our community in the face of a global pandemic.

We identified the need for immediate messaging to empower all Canberrans to act towards a collective goal. We needed to build sentiment that despite the challenges we faced, we have what it takes and that our combined action will see us through. Our approach was underpinned by a comprehensive and well-planned communications strategy.

The brand mark

The brand mark

CRE8IVE developed the Canberra Strong Together brand mark to feature on all future communications from the ACT Government relating to COVID-19.


Strength Together

A video was developed as part of the campaign that told the story of Canberras strength, and as everyone was facing social distancing restrictions, we crowd-sourced genuine footage of how our population was adapting and being resilient despite recent changes. These shared experiences served as an emotional focal point to the ACT Government’s message of care, trust, leadership and authority.

Images from video

Dear 2020…

A second phase of the campaign focussed on the mental wellbeing of Canberrans. The video served the purpose of giving those suffering and facing hardships a voice to take the first step of confronting their needs with the premise the 2020 has been hard and ‘it’s ok not to be ok’. It also served as a reminder that there is support, and that we all need it sometimes, with a clear message to find out more.


The impact

This videos were immensely successful, with an organic reach of over a million people and positive comments in the thousands. There was also widespread traditional media pick-up across The Canberra Times, HerCanberra, The Riot ACT, WIN News and Canberra FM.