Cyber Security CRC Branding

Ambition in an evolving cyber industry

Cyber Security CRC Branding

Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre is an entity that fosters collaboration between government, industry and academia. By bringing together innovative research and novel solutions from all sectors, the research centre aims to develop rigorous cyber security solutions that cover all bases for a more secure Australia.

They approached CRE8IVE, seeking a brand and visual identity to set the tone and direction of their new organisation. The client wanted to communicate their big-picture vision with a dynamic and flexible brand that appealed to innovative industry partners. This required a fresh approach to their brand identity. 

We provided a brand strategy to elevate Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre as ‘new news’ within the space – a strong and confident brand whose ambition is to make a tangible impact.

Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

We created a stand out visual identity that stepped outside the expected visual tropes of ‘cyber’ and ‘research’. A colourful and appealing logo was created to represent each sector working together for the betterment of the industry.

Icons representing academia, government and industry

Three coloured shapes representing the sectors interlock to create an impenetrable lock. This demonstrates the strength of authentic collaboration.

We empower cyber security leaders across all sectors
Banners and PPT tempalte

We then applied the identity to a suite of assets and merchandise for members, to give them a sense of ownership and pride.

Shape the dialogue for a secure connected world
Style guide

The identity came with a suite of colours, gradients and imagery that can be applied flexibly to communicate with each sector. This included vibrant photography and bespoke icons.

Because the research centre is still in its initial phase, we recommended a mini-site to give them a brand presence and a platform to define their voice, values and mission.