Design Canberra Festival

Celebrating Canberra's
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Design Canberra Festival

It is often the obscure, raw and experimental pursuits that push our boundaries, expand us and make us see things in a new way. We believe it is important to recognise and support the creatives who pave the way forward.

That’s why CRE8IVE is passionate about the arts, and are proud to be supporting the Design Canberra Festival. A festival such as this only strengthens Canberra’s international profile as a creative capital and that can only be a good thing for a business such as ours.

The 2017 Design Canberra Festival was a huge success with a record 37% increase in attendance and over $142,000 in income  generated for artists and designers (double the previous year).

CRE8IVE is proud to have been a part of this success and we look forward to continuing the relationship.



Canberra has been, and will always be, a living design laboratory. Paramount to the brand was showing how design and Canberra are intrinsically connected. CRE8IVE achieved this by creating a simple typographic mark, visually connecting the festival title together. The logo was created to have longevity and to be able to embody a new visual style every year.


Collective Creativity

In the spirit of the festival, CRE8IVE, Zoe Brand and Sean Davey collaborated on developing the festival’s visual identity. After some experimentation, Zoe’s handmade object was photographed and became the centre piece of the festival promotion. In addition, a custom typeface was born from the object which became an integral piece of the visual language used throughout all collateral. This allowed us to combine the mix of design styles and materials with simple layout and typography to provide a fully integrated festival look and feel.

Hand cut lettering

Custom typeface

"On first glance the typeface may appear commercially made, laser cut perhaps. But on closer inspection the letters are off, not quite right, close but not" - Zoe Brand.

Typeface specimen

Creating the custom typeface from Zoe's hand-tooled work, allowed us to easily visually connect festival communications through multiple channels and create a cohesive visual style across a diverse mix of collateral items created for digital and print mediums.

Brochure spreads

Key to the success of this identity was creating a style that could combine with an eclectic array of design-disciplines. From handmade, crafted objects, to highly stylised architecturally designed interiors and furniture.

Holding brochure open
Computer monitor showing website


CRE8IVE worked with the design Canberra team with the aim to improve the online experience of a potential festival attendee and make events more accessible to the general-public. With over 200 events in and around Canberra, a big focus was placed on searching and discovering experiences during the festival that could potentially be buried or missed due to the sheer volume of activities.

Mobile website screens

Events engine

A smart events engine was created that considered how different users would look to search for events. The key was providing filters across event themes, categories and dates. We provided this functionality across mobile and desktop interfaces, as well as intuitive listing of events occurring in the future and displaying ‘related events’ for each event listing. In addition, we improved the user experience by adding the ability to shortlist events through a simple event planner to save events and review them later.

Tote bag
Stack of invites


A record 94,455 people attended the 20 day festival in 2017. This is a massive 37% increase on the 2016 record (over 32 days). A huge increase in online user engagement is also evident when looking at the analytic data over the same pre-festival period last year with a 70% increase in sessions. Over $142,000 of income was generated by artists and designers as a result of the festival. Double the previous year. Design Canberra were thrilled with the results and are looking forward to working with us in 2018.