Accelerated sales and engagement for an inner-city development


HTI Group engaged CRE8IVE to develop a brand and visual identity for a prestigious apartment development within the highly anticipated new hub of Midtown, on Northbourne Avenue in Turner.

This residential development offered 26 impressively spacious boutique apartments, akin to stand-alone homes, positioned strategically close to new shops and services.

Inspired by the apartments themselves, the Edgeworth brand mark aimed to communicate spacious luxury in an urban setting.

The Edgeworth brand had to work alongside the energetic and vibrant Midtown brand, so we leveraged the address for the name. David street is named after Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David, a famous antarctic explorer.

The name reflects the innovative new precinct while also communicating the new premium residential offering.

The project required CRE8IVE to work closely with stakeholders to develop a name, visual identity, key messaging, a website, premium sales brochure and other supporting marketing material; which were all delivered by the campaign launch date.

Just 2 months after launch over 70% of the townhouses were sold allowing work to begin on construction.

Edgeworth Brochure Cover
Edgeworth Brochure Internal Spread
Enhancing the way locals interact with their city.
Edgeworth Map
Edgeworth is a centrepiece of the complex, designed to satisfy a dynamic lifestyle.
Edgeworth Website