Embracing vibrancy: A place to call home

Suburban Land Agency

Suburban Land Agency (SLA) looked to CRE8IVE to craft a bespoke brand identity and promote Whitlam, which is now one of the ACT’s most sought-after suburbs.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
    Whitlam – Introduction
    The challenge

    In a highly competitive market during 2019, we had to create a brand that would be distinctive and leave an indelible mark.

    Whitlam – Challenge 2
    Whitlam – Challenge 3
    The strategy

    Inspired by our extensive research insights, Whitlam’s brand uses the power of storytelling and strong brand values to create a unique desire for the suburb and foster trust in the SLA’s offering.

    Whitlam – Strategy 1
    The change

    We hosted an outdoor movie night to launch Whitlam, accompanied by our ‘Feels Like Home Series’. 

    CRE8IVE also designed wayfinding and a digital companion to guide visitors through the Display Village.

    Whitlam – Change 2
    The impact

    Since it’s launch in 2019, SLA has experienced remarkable success. Across the first 8 land releases in Whitlam the response from eager buyers saw most of the available land selling out within days.

    Whitlam – Impact 1
    Whitlam – Impact 2
    Whitlam – Impact 3