Founders Lane

City precinct bringing
together the best of the CBD

Founders Lane

Founders Lane is a mixed use precinct by developer JWLAND, located at the intersection of Canberra’s most prestigious inner city suburbs and CBD. Revitalising an underused corner of the city,  the precinct brings together a mix of new homes, shops and services on friendly pedestrian thoroughfares.

CRE8IVE developed a brand positioning and identity that visually defined the qualities of this unique development and a brand narrative that connects people, location and experience.

Founders Lane logo

Unique positioning

The challenge was to transform an under-utilised and unloved part of the city into a vibrant, vital precinct.

Brand ethos

CRE8IVE and JWLAND achieved this through communicating the overall design of the masterplan and creating an engaging narrative around Canberra’s local “Founders”.

Founders imagery

A local focus

To create a genuine link with the local community, we made connections with ‘Founders’ - the inspiring local makers, businesses and volunteers who followed their passion to start something new.

Brand image

Urban, cultural, natural and historical influences have been intricately interwoven to create a transformative new precinct that celebrates the past and sets the stage for the city’s future.

Website header

Compelling content

Founders were profiled in the brochure and on the website, telling their stories, sharing local insights and demonstrating the value of new ideas.

News stories

An authentic narrative

Telling local authentic stories added depth to the brochure and website and gave people a reason to connect and believe in the precincts vision.

Quote from brochure
Founder Lane Photography

Capturing the essence

An accompanying photoshoot brought the vision to life. Portraits of Founders in their studios and businesses created a connection between people and place. Images of the local area visually showcased the natural beauty, architecture, history and amenities.

Sales suite


With a successful launch, and stage 1 almost sold out, the campaign and brand positioning provided a narrative the audience could literally buy into. Inspired by Canberra’s history, Founders Lane marks a new era for the CBD.