InSpace – ANU Institute for Space

Aligning the stars

InSpace – ANU Institute for Space

The Australian National University (ANU) sought to create new opportunities within Australia’s burgeoning space industry by creating InSpace – the ANU Institute for Space.

The ANU came to CRE8IVE needing a brand to position them as the central hub of research, knowledge and excellence, capable of bringing the future into today. InSpace is uniquely positioned to create transformative relationships between academia, government and space-related industries. By creating a hub where these relationships can connect, interact, combine and transform, InSpace seeks to take a leadership role in influencing and directing Australia’s role in a burgeoning global space industry.

InSpace logo

The brandmark represents InSpace as a central hub, connecting orbiting points of ideas, skills and fields.

Animated Logomark

Creating the brandmark as a three dimensional object allows it be depicted in different states, constantly moving and evolving to adapt to the changing needs and opportunities of a newly forming industry sector.

Branded tote bag and business cards
Transforming national space capability
Document covers

The idea of connection and ‘aligning the stars’ is further expressed in the brands visual language through the creation of an icon suite depicting various InSpace associated industry sectors.

InSpace brand guide

InSpace seeks to connect with a range of audiences including government, academia, industry and the general public. To address these audiences and their relevant communication needs a brand guide and a comprehensive suite of collateral was created.

Pul-up banners
Outdoor displays