Let’s talk about life and death

Palliative Care Australia

Palliative Care Australia engaged CRE8IVE to curate a nationwide awareness campaign for National Palliative Care Week 2023, the nation’s largest annual initiative to raise awareness and understanding of palliative care, its services and workforce. 

Project scope
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    The challenge

    Conversations about death and dying are hard to have. That's why we wanted to shed light on the incredible and uplifting stories of people who represent the very best of quality palliative care.

    Palliative Care Australia – Challenge 1
    Palliative Care Australia – Challenge 2
    The strategy

    Our campaign aimed to balance authentic narratives which engage and inspire, with tactical and informative messages which educate and inform.

    Palliative Care Australia – Strategy
    The process

    We created the ‘Matters of Life and Death’ platform to stimulate thought and interest, and spark uncommon conversations about death and dying amongst all Australians.

    Palliative Care Australia – Process 1
    Palliative Care Australia – Process 2
    Palliative Care Australia – Process 3
    We are trying to drive change at a local and national level and our friends at CRE8IVE have supercharged our impact and strategy with their insight, passion, and skill.
    Ian Campbell, PCA National Communications Director
    The change

    Our social impact campaign features a series of videos which showcases the memorable, the comical, the poignant and the practical. The campaign delivers insights on life, death, and everything in between.

    Palliative Care Australia – Change
    We asked for a bold campaign that invited the community to engage with sensitive material, the team at CRE8IVE delivered, but more than that they cared about what they were doing.
    Ian Campbell, PCA National Communications Director
    Palliative Care Australia – Change 1
    Palliative Care Australia – Change 2
    Palliative Care Australia – Change 3
    The impact

    We introduced a distinctive icon, the orange heart, to serve as an ongoing symbol for the palliative care community.

    Palliative Care Australia – Impact
    This was a true partnership where the expertise and perspective of all was heard, respected and considered in making the final call – the right call.
    Ian Campbell, PCA National Communications Director