Mental Health Australia

Clarity and consistency for a national body

Mental Health Australia

Mental Health Australia (formerly known as the Mental Health Council of Australia) recognised the need for developing a new corporate logo and brand to position MHA as a leader in the mental health sector, assist with membership expansion, generate corporate sponsorship and reflect the organisation’s desire to be more modern and inclusive.

As well as a distinct logotype, CRE8IVE developed a number of strong and visually consistent shapes that could be applied across internal documents, without having to commission photography or engage an external contractor to design.

As part of the brief, the flannel flower needed to remain as part of the brand, however, it was redesigned to feature the Federation Star (representing the states and territories).

Mental Health Australia Logo

Simple logotype

CRE8IVE developed a logotype using a strong and positive/optimistic typeface. To maintain its strength and ability to stand out from those in the same space, an icon or ‘logo’ was avoided.

Flower image used for inspiration for brand

Firstly, can I ask you to pass on to the team (make sure you include the boss) that the feedback on the new brand and templates has been overwhelming and all positive! Frank mentioned that he has been approached by a huge number of people to congratulate him on the new look and how professional everything looks so thanks to all involved. Also a special thanks to you personally for making this such a smooth process considering how big the job has been. ☺

Joane Huxley | Manager Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Brand pattern

1 in 5 Australians

The flower motif was then applied to a pattern so as to communicate statistics such as 1 in 5 Australians will suffer from a mental health disorder in their lifetime.

MHA business card