NCES Future Ready

A strategy for effective career education

NCES Future Ready

The Department of Education and Training approached CRE8IVE to help them develop a communication strategy and suite of promotional products for the recently developed, National Career Education Strategy (NCES).

Careers are becoming increasingly complex and flexible, and Australia requires an education system that prepares students for the future. This new program was created to start a dialogue between educational decision makers about the importance of agile and future-focussed 'career-education' for secondary school students.

They required a branded campaign (including a name), a communication strategy and a suite of products that would support the implementation of the NCES.

The new brand strategy had to raise awareness and communicate the virtues and ambition of the NCES to a wide range of industry influencers including, educational institutions, policy makers, school leaders, parents and carers. 


Strategic naming

The strategy required a new name that captured the brand mission. We had to make sure the communications were centred on the strategy’s purpose and were collaborative and ownable. Through consultation and a considered process, we gave it the title ‘Future Ready’. This is an ambitious statement that conveys the value to all target markets. It positions the brand as a champion and leader of education for the 21st century.

Communication strategy

The communication strategy is inclusive and welcomes collaboration and partnerships between different influencers of career education. Working with Nerio Communications, we developed a strong communication strategy based on the research which outlined their objectives, stakeholder needs, and recommendations. This provides a clear and focussed direction when spreading awareness of NCES across the wide target markets.

Visual language

The brand’s visual language is modern and dynamic, so it is easy for influencers to adopt and own. It uses shapes, a bold font and colours that sit within the education category while feeling innovative. We then developed a suite of icons that convey the different NCES outcomes which work with the existing themes of the Australian Curriculum.

Flexible branding

The brand is flexible and designed to complement other brands, so influencers can adapt them across industries to communicate and implement the strategy.