Positioning Australia

Putting new technology on the map

Positioning Australia

Geoscience Australia engaged CRE8IVE to develop a brand for their new program which provides better location and positioning services. The technology developed under this program will enable Australians to create innovation, economic growth and progress across industries. 

Defining and positioning the brand to best communicate to its diverse audiences and stakeholders required a process of workshops, interviews and consultation. This enabled us to better understand industry perceptions, engagement levels, and communication challenges and opportunities.

The resulting brand identity seeks to provide clarity and leadership in this important growth area for Australia. The name, tagline, key messages and visual identity all work together in establishing Positioning Australia as trustworthy enablers of innovation.

Positioning Australia logo

The visual identity is progressive, systematic and dependable. We created a brandmark depicting a symbol for direction and accuracy which provides an integral positioning reference that is instantly recognisable.

Australian landscape
Positioning statement

Through a collaborative process we named the program ‘Positioning Australia’ as it is descriptive, simple and clear. We teamed this with the tagline ‘Accurate and reliable positioning for everyone’ to emphasise their key role. We also provided a set of key messages for guidance on the most important points to communicate.

Australian landscape

The brands visual language uses imagery from across the country covering all angles. This is adapted into a palette of colours and textures that creates a distinctive visual language.

Pages from brand guide
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