Real skills for real careers

There are many ways to succeed

Real skills for real careers

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector plays a vital role in providing skills and knowledge for our workforce. They offer a vast range of education and training opportunities across almost every career field. Currently, there is a perception that the VET sector is the lesser choice when compared to university, particularly for young people aged 15 to 25 who are looking to gain qualifications and begin a career. 

To promote the benefits of VET to different audiences, The Department of Education and Training have commenced the VET Information Strategy. They engaged CRE8IVE to help them implement a national communications strategy and visual identity to raise the profile of VET.

We have an objective: To level the education playing field & change the perception of VET

Challenging the brief

To challenge the current ideas of VET, we had to create a powerful campaign and visual identity that stepped them out of their current category by using a positive, inspiring narrative. Together we honed the tagline, ‘real skills for real careers’ as the driver for the strategy.

Information strategy publication


A key element of the strategy is a 'hero' video that frames the idea that 'there are many ways to succeed'. The video provides a central piece of content; a hook, to begin to change perceptions of a VET education pathway.

Comprehensive style guide

Identity strategy

A new visual identity was created to position VET confidently within the tertiary education space as an alternative to university, not a second choice.

Information strategy publication

Cooperative engagement

A range of assets have been developed for key stakeholders, along with a clear strategy for how the Department of Education and Training could effectively engage with the public. Stakeholders include State and Territory Governments, Registered Training Organisations, industry leaders, and employers.

Targeted information brochures
Alumni packs

Real people & stories

The new visual identity puts people front and centre. It has a focus on personas, their stories and their personalities, using strong descriptive words and self-assured, real people. It is confident and simple, using subtle hints of colour.