Repositioning ACT’s premier aged care provider

Goodwin Aged Care Services (Goodwin)

Goodwin, the largest and longest standing aged care provider in the ACT entrusted us to create a distinctive framework to leave behind tradition and showcase their unmatched offerings.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
Care & Community
    The challenge

    Goodwin lacked the framework to communicate their unique service offerings to a wide range of audiences. Our challenge was in carefully considering their distinctive offerings and the sector before embarking on the execution of our ideas.

    Goodwin – Challenge 1
    Goodwin – Challenge 2
    The strategy

    We provided Goodwin with a crafted framework to successfully implement marketing activities to communicate their exceptional reputation for offering best practice aged care services.

    Goodwin – Strategy 2
    Goodwin – Strategy 3
    The process

    Our team fully immersed themselves in understanding Goodwin's core identity by engaging with residents, staff, and conducting thorough research into the sector and competitors to identify what made them different.

    Goodwin – Process 1
    Goodwin – Process 2
    The change

    We developed a design solution with unique branding techniques for each service offering, effectively targeting different audiences. We also implemented an authentic communication strategy to convey Goodwin's position in the sector with genuine key messages.

    Goodwin – Change 1
    Goodwin – Change 2
    The impact

    Goodwin has since implemented our communications strategy and design solution which has strengthened their differentiation in the market and the generation of new enquiries and residents for years to come.

    Goodwin – Impact 1
    Goodwin – Impact 2
    Goodwin – Impact 3