Reviving the Capital in domestic traveller minds

Visit Canberra

To unlock Canberra’s domestic tourism potential after COVID-19, the ACT Government partnered with us to showcase the value that the Capital has to offer to domestic travellers.

Project scope
Brand & Creative
Travel & Tourism
    Visit Canberra – Introduction
    The challenge

    In the face of the COVID-19 where travel restrictions and border closures fluctuated like never before, people were hesitant to make travel plans and have Canberra as a front of mind location.

    Visit Canberra – Challenge 2
    Visit Canberra – Challenge 3
    The strategy

    We discovered that perceptions of Canberra were often one-dimensional, confined to icons, cultural institutions, and weather. We, as passionate locals, felt compelled to showcase the Capital’s true hidden gems.

    Visit Canberra – Strategy 1
    Visit Canberra – Strategy 2
    Visit Canberra – Strategy 3
    Visit Canberra – Strategy 4
    Visit Canberra – Strategy 5
    Visit Canberra – Strategy 6
    The process

    We aspired to redefine the limited view of Canberra by amplifying the top things to do in the city with the addition of enriching and inspiring photography, video, and curated experiences.

    Visit Canberra – Process 1
    Visit Canberra – Process 2
    The change

    Our aim was to empower individuals to embark on unforgettable adventures with the support and flexibility provided by the enhanced Visit Canberra website.

    Visit Canberra – Change
    The impact

    The website development and design were successful with the curated features still being utilised today.

    Visit Canberra – Impact