Showcasing the true values behind innovation


Proximity is a leading provider of consulting, legal and commercial advisory solutions. They are recognised for their excellent work, workplace culture and innovative solutions.

Project scope
Brand & Creative
Corporate & Professional Services
    Proximity – Introduction
    The challenge

    As Proximity approached their 10-year anniversary, their visual identity no longer embodied their essence or aligned with their future goals. Failing to showcase their diverse capabilities that set them apart from competitors.

    Proximity – Challenge 1
    Proximity – Challenge 2
    The strategy

    We created a shift in Proximity’s narrative to better reflect their ambition, core values and unique ability to take clients to the next level.

    Proximity – Strategy 1
    Proximity – Strategy 2
    Proximity – Strategy 3
    The process

    Our team uncovered Proximity’s core values through extensive stakeholder engagement and used these valuable insights as the foundation to guide our recommendations and vision.

    Proximity – Process
    The change

    Our strategy brought the Proximity brand to life by developing a new and distinguished logo, visual language, imagery, and brand narrative to align to their true offering and client experience.

    Proximity – Change 1
    Proximity – Change 2
    Proximity – Change 3
    The impact

    The brand refresh of Proximity better reflects a strong representation of their values and culture, setting them apart as unique players in the consulting space for years to come.

    Proximity – Impact 1
    Proximity – Impact 2
    Proximity – Impact 3
    Proximity – Impact 4