Snedden Hall & Gallop Rebrand

A fresh look at Canberra's most established law firm

Snedden Hall & Gallop Rebrand

Snedden Hall & Gallop (SHG) is the oldest independent law firm in Canberra and came to CRE8IVE requiring a rebrand and transformation of their online presence. At that point, SHG had four separate websites, each focusing on a different service offered by SHG. CRE8IVE took on the task to develop a strong brand and online platform as a basis for consistent communication between SHG and their clients.

A workshop was held with key stakeholders, and important key messages and themes were developed to both aid in the development of a creative brief and begin to formulate the website strategy.

Key service areas were grouped into categories and tested with user scenarios to map out content in a way that would be easily found on the website. This content planning idea was further developed in the wireframe phase of the project, with functionality scoped for the website to serve similar and relevant content to users.

The brand was rolled out across the whole business from business cards and banners to website and online communication. The rebrand has been successful in ensuring SHG lawyers are positioned for the future.

SHG website

Intelligent user experience

Leveraging our custom built tagging module, a taxonomy was developed and tags became a prominent feature of the website, meaning the user moves through the content rather than using the menu; creating a more effecient user experience.

SHG mobile responsive site

Intuitive architecture

Information Architecture was be based on SHG's audience groups, rather than services, so that users could find information that is relevant to them; particularly if users did not know the legal term for the service they needed.

SHG image style
SHG stationery

Visual identity

A strong visual identity was created linking all collateral with the website and advertising.