Transport Canberra

Revitalising Canberra's transport network

Transport Canberra

Transport Canberra is creating a transport network for the future. With the advent of the light rail, Transport Canberra is revitalising the entire network. CRE8IVE was engaged to create a new campaign to inform the public about their long-term ambition.

Our objective was to raise awareness about the new integrated network with messaging that resonated with Canberrans, and encourages them to consider using public transport.

To achieve our goals and gain a deep understanding of the transport industry, we collaborated with experts in the industry who provided deep insights about the reasons people are inclined to change their behaviour and take public transport. We knew the campaign had to be memorable, believable and personally beneficial to be relevant. We also set about to create a new overarching look and feel, a video and social media messaging.

Canberra is better connected

Campaign Message

Our overarching campaign message is, ‘Canberra is better connected.’ This multi-level statement plays on how Canberra will have an improved network and reflects on how much better the social outcomes are when people can traverse the city with ease. This idea underpins the rest of the campaign.


Campaign execution

The videos and photography were created to be informative and inspiring, capturing the essence of the ‘better-connected’ idea. It is inspired by Canberra as a place and how much better off the community will be with a more effective network. This was accompanied by a wider campaign including series of bus shelter ads, social media tiles, radio advertising and handouts to spread the message and raise awareness.

Visual Language

The visual language is inspired by the design of transport map routes. The visual language is an instantly recognisable visual and tells the Transport Canberra story in a fun and simple way. The visual style offers variety, telling benefits and key messages with a range of recognisable symbols and messages that can be applied across the brand.