Amy Nerio


As partner, Amy is dedicated to ensuring CRE8IVE provide excellence in strategic communication and client service.

With a proven track record in communication and operational management, Amy brings extensive global experience to the Partnership team.

As the SVP of a global technology company, Amy helped drive business growth from that of a small Australian start-up to providing services in over 10 countries. As part of the executive team, Amy supported the sale of the business to a Silicon Valley-based private equity firm. More recently, Amy led Nerio Communications as one of Canberra's leading boutique communication agencies.  Nerio Communications merged with CRE8IVE in March, 2020.

Amy understands the combination of elements required to lead an integrated agency that offers our clients cross-discipline specialties.

Following almost a decade living and working in the US, Amy is an advocate for the Canberra’s entrepreneurial community.

James Willson



As the Managing Director and agency founder, James is motivated by fostering authentic business relationships within Canberra and Sydney. His key objective is to promote a performance culture and work environment within CRE8IVE that helps individuals grow and achieve their professional life goals. In turn, this effective culture is a win for the agency’s clients and the wider marketplace. 

A known contributor to Canberra, James acknowledges the city as a great platform both to create oneself and to a make a meaningful community-wide contribution.

James has been an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, appeared in the BRW Fast 100 list and received numerous awards in business.

His philosophy in business is to surround himself with the best people and sit in the centre of that circle. In turn, CRE8IVE puts forward the best people for each opportunity, talking to their skillset, interests and passion. 

James loves working at the forefront of technology with talented individuals. His vision will ensure CRE8IVE continues to grow and develop through the shared success of his client’s objectives.



James takes a keen interest in business and organisational governance and sits on the following boards: the National Capital Authority, the CGS Foundation, CIT Solutions and the RSPCA ACT. His business interests include; branding, technology, governance and strategy.



Twitter (james_cre8ive)


Alberto Florez



As the Creative Partner, Alberto is driven to create meaningful work that changes perceptions and affects change. With a background in design and digital technology, he carefully oversees the strategic direction of CRE8IVE’s projects, so they are set for success.

A philosophy based on honesty and mutual respect allows Alberto to understand what his clients need so he can add the greatest value to their organisation.

Alberto thrives on helping others achieve their desired outcomes. He knows how to bring out the best in his team and fosters a positive culture of high achievers who are passionate about their work. By encouraging collaboration within the team and with clients, CRE8IVE crafts new ideas that yield impressive, tangible results.


Alberto is an avid supporter of Canberra’s creative industry. Over the years he has held and supported industry events, and been a leader in organisations such as AGDA, The Page Awards and the Canberra Business Advisory Board. 


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Andrew Mackay

Digital Director

Andrew is a versatile professional and brings over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing program management, project management, and managing teams to CRE8IVE. As our Digital Director, Andrew continues his passion for bringing teams together to deliver solutions that exceed the desired results for organisations and their audiences.

Having worked across both public and private sectors, leading a range of multi-disciplinary teams, Andrew has developed and implemented digital strategies to drive improved user experience and engagement. With a traditional marketing background, Andrew has a strong history in brand and communication which further strengthens his ability to understand and engage stakeholders. For this reason and based on his years of experience in digital delivery, he excels in working in complex environments to distil the information necessary to drive successful programs of work.


Emma Kirkaldy

Communications Director

Emma brings an outstanding level of depth and understanding of strategic communications to the CRE8IVE team.

With extensive experience across business sectors including FMCG, professional services, health, tourism, arts, education, e-commerce, global corporate consumer lifestyle brands and across Government and NGOs, Emma’s specialities lie in PR, stakeholder management, C Suite counsel, crisis and issues management, internal and external engagement.

Emma ensures an exceptional level of service, where no stone is left unturned in delivering robust, effective projects that generate sizable results. 

Michelle van Eerde

Director of Operations


Michelle is an accomplished Client Service Manager with a background in media and advertising. She has a breadth of experience working at various media agencies, where she managed high profile portfolios and negotiated with media outlets. A meticulous, process driven manager, Michelle has seen the fruition of award-winning advertising campaigns and developed processes for media coverage of sensitive events.

By fostering strong relationships with her clients, Michelle takes the time to understand their needs, and to produce the right creative solutions. Her media expertise gives her an edge by providing unique industry insights that help clients see where communication can take them. Her ability to balance both strategic thinking and the finer details are why Michelle’s projects consistently surpass expectations.

Naomi Shaw

Senior Project Manager


With more than two decades of industry experience, Naomi is a meticulous and effective client service manager. Since 2006 she has worked at CRE8IVE, facilitating the perfect environment for collaborative and innovative projects. Naomi has extensive knowledge of media, design and print production, and loves working with clients to build a strategy that is tailored to their specific needs.

An excellent communicator, Naomi values honesty and transparency. She prides herself on her ability to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with her clients. Understanding a client’s requirements and expectations and conveying them to the team allows her to set every project up for success. Her approachable, helpful and clear communication style ensures everyone is working towards a common goal to deliver outstanding results, on time.  



Anna Keenan

Senior strategist

Anna provides the strategic backbone to our communication projects.

With over 16 years’ experience in the media and communications industry, Anna is a consummate strategist with a determination to get the best out of every project. With big media experience, Anna’s specialities lie in strategy, project management, award-winning content creation, production, campaign development and execution. As well as content production, Anna has many years’ experience in marketing and communication, planning and implementing marketing and PR strategies for Australia’s leading film distributors, as well as for television channels and Government departments.

Meticulous and methodical, Anna prides herself on delivering outstanding projects that not only answer the brief, are within budget and timeframe but that also deliver exceptional ROI.

Amy Cox

Communications Executive

As Communication Executive, Amy meticulously plans, co-ordinates and implements communication projects and campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Amy is an experienced conceptual designer with a keen eye for detail. Her work in public and private sectors has given her the skills to connect internal and external stakeholders through clear communication and thoughtful design.

Hardworking and meticulous, Amy is driven by understanding the client and its end user’s requirements to deliver tailored solutions. Dedicated to her craft, Amy has a unique ability to take complex processes and curate them in a way that they are engaged with, with both ease and delight.

Paul Whiteley

Creative Director


Paul has a reputation as an impeccable designer and insightful thought leader. Since 2006, he has inspired CRE8IVE’s clients, bringing an understanding and attention to detail to all his work. As creative director, Paul guides the creative to new and thought-provoking places that surpass client expectations.

His talent for asking the right questions helps Paul to ascertain a client’s needs and discover how they tick. This gives Paul the means to articulate their business to the market and deliver the best solutions.

Paul’s creative insights allow clients to imagine the breadth and potential of their brand, providing scope for clever and interesting ways to reach an audience that goes beyond the brief.


Paul has flair for branding where he can to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign or brand that his clients can adopt with confidence. 

Laura Sibley



 Laura is a meticulous designer who approaches every project through a balance of communications and creativity. This is how she creates solutions that captivate the client’s target market.

The best designs are developed with meaningful insights, so Laura works to discover a unique solution through strategy, research and exploration.

By closely follows trending campaigns in advertising and communications, Laura ensures she is up to date on the Zeitgeist. This allows her to make appropriate decisions for brands that sit within category but stand out with strength. Laura likes to collaborate and to take her clients on a journey, empowering them to take ownership of their messaging and their brand.

As a younger member of the team, Laura epitomises what CRE8IVE is today when you couple young talent with industry experts who have years of sector-based expertise.


A prolific creative, Laura is fascinated with design application within a range of mediums such as textiles, graphic forms and book covers. 



Elsy Gonzalez



As a friendly and attentive designer, Elsy enjoys building authentic relationships with her clients. She has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Canberra. From her background working in communications at UNSW, she honed her skills by designing for a variety of collateral and printing it in-house. This experience gave her a practical understanding of the intricacies of design and printing in different formats and materials.

By combining her love of talking to clients with research and strategy, Elsy takes an original yet pragmatic approach to creative problem-solving. She is an active listener and takes the time to understand each and every client’s needs, for design outcomes that captivate audiences and fulfil an organisational need.


Elsy has extensive experience with in-house production. She also enjoys drawing and typography. 

Josh Garrard


Josh brings fresh and innovative ideas for all forms of visual communication. He loves to work with clients to understand their vision, mission and target audiences to create their ideal look and feel. Josh has also honed his digital and traditional drawing skills to become a talented illustrator.

A Canberra local, Josh is a keen advocate for the Territory and its thriving not-for-profit, public and private sectors. He finds inspiration around every corner of the capital, saying its people are an endless source of new ideas.


Josh also uses his design and illustration talents to promote local music and entertainment across Canberra, designing posters and a host of other collateral on a regular basis.

You can find more of Josh’s work on his website:

Laura Griffin



As a copywriter, Laura uses expert storytelling to enhance a client’s message and reach their audience. With a degree in Communication majoring in writing, she knows how to turn information into interesting content and simplify complex ideas. She has experience working across all sectors including; the public sector, commercial enterprises, government, property and the NFP sector.

Laura’s mission is to find the unique voice for each organisation and empower them to use it. Coming from an outside perspective, she can determine the most important things to say to persuade their audience. She collaborates closely with the designers to create the most compelling brands and creative concepts. Being involved in the strategic process from the beginning means Laura can gain an understanding of what drives a client. Laura’s storytelling expertise brings depth and a persuasive attitude to every project for better market cut through.



Laura has experience scripting for theatre, online, radio and television and enjoys using these complex mediums to convey a message.

Vishal Sahody

Lead developer

Vishal is a dedicated and experienced developer with a passion for solving business problems and improving user experience. With more than fifteen years’ working in the web and digital industry, he has seen the transformation of digital technology as it has integrated with business. The insights he has gained gives Vishal a deep and wholistic view of development from end to end. He has worked in a breadth of roles including Ecommerce, CMS, bespoke web design and solution delivery.

Vishal stays on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies and digital trends to assess their potential and their impact on end users. He strives to provide solutions that are win-win, with products that create efficiencies for clients and a great experience for users.


Andrew Collins

Developer and Client Technical Lead


Making the front end of a website look great, feel fast and seem intuitive is Andrew’s mission. He is always seeking better ways to make the user experience feel like a dream. While Andrew has exceptional technical knowledge, he is equally good at explaining complex digital issues in simple terms. He enjoys helping people understand problems and how CRE8IVE will fix them. By striving to make websites as easy to edit as possible, Andrew ensures clients feel confident to take ownership of their digital communication, knowing they’re in safe hands.

As Client Technical Lead, Andrew is the first port of call for digital support, helping clients with their websites. As a talented web developer with a degree in Media Arts and Production, he is excellent at technical problem solving and creative ideas.


Andrew is always challenging himself to stay on the pulse for new and interesting technology. He has focussed on Flexbox and advanced customer fields in WordPress that make it easier for clients to customise.